Automation of industrial sites

While designing an industrial site or making a decision to implement automation, the customer usually has clear understanding of industrial process specifics and human factor issues to be addressed with automatic means. Provided that, if not adequately experienced in industrial process automation, the customer may be disposed to extremities which would make the automation process infeasible or ineffective. Common customer’s erroneous behaviours:

All-automatic approach – The customer is inclined to get a thoroughly automatic site, puts inflated demands to automatics backup and reliability, data scope, etc., requests electronic and mechanical equipment by leading global brands. This is the way to overexpenditure on the automation systems which is likely to unreasonably extend the payback period.

Hole plugging – The customer implements automatics in the attempt to solve his most urgent production issues, meantime leaving the complex lack of automatics pending. That returns low efficiency of the automation implementation process, where a large number of manually controlled related systems compromise the expected effect of automatics in most critical production processes.

A lot of cheap stuff – The customer chooses the cheapest automation means in order to get full control of the production process at low cost. However, unreliable cheapest equipment often causes extensive repair downtimes.

Proficient in equipment by various global brands, our engineers can propose the best solutions of controlling and other equipment to provide adequate reliability and performance at reasonable price.

We are able to perform the entire scope of installation and commissioning works. Document and process quality control ensures short order execution time and rare failures of the automation system in use.

The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation is certified to STB 18001-2009 with regards to the occupational health and safety management, design, machinery and equipment production system.

Our major projects for Belaruskali include:

  • Upgrade of skip container hoist No.1 at Mining Division No.4 shaft No.4 – generator-motor system replacement by a thyristor converter-motor system (execution of project and design documents, procurement and supply of equipment, electric installation works, startup)

  • Upgrade of cage hoist electric drive at Mining Division No.3 in 2011, first ever in the CIS, with the use of a variable-frequency drive which reduces power consumption by 58%

  • Upgrade of main fan drives at Mining Divisions Nos.1 and 3, where ROBICON frequency converters and permanent-magnet synchronous motors were implemented, first ever. The IGEA’s contribution to the project was a microprocessor based control system and software. The new drive system saves 53% of electric power

  • Development of own SF6 insulated high-voltage cell In 2011 in cooperation with Siemens AG. 703 cells have been commissioned by now

  • Upgrade of mobile sinking hoists for Trest Shahtospecstroy, which were used to sink mine shafts, where heavily worn out outdated electrical equipment consumed too much power. The IGEA deinstalled all existing electrical equipment, manufactured and supplied a new variable electric drive with a microprocessor-based control system, diagnosed, repaired and adjusted the mechanical part of mobile sinking plants MPP-9 and MPP-17.5 which successfully sink mine shafts at the Petrikov MPP

  • Equipment supplies for chemical preparation lines at Eurochem Usolye Potash Plant (execution of design documents, manufacture of equipment, software development)

  • Survey of 6-10 kV network at Belaruskali to create a database with short-circuit current calculation; estimate of recommended network protection relay trigger settings, while ensuring selective operation of the relays based on the special 6-10 kV network short-circuit current calculation software (considering relay charging by generators and synchronous motors)

  • Electrical equipment supplies for the project of the vacuum crystalliser intended for potassium chloride crystallization at the sylvinite processing plant of Belaruskali Mining Division No.4

  • Manufacturing, supply, installation, and startup of two mine cage hoists, 2Ts-6.5х2.8TD and TSR-6х3.4/0.6-TD at the Petrikov Mining and Processing Plant, which is under construction

  • Development of SCADA control algorithm for the project of optimisation and subsequent automation of chemicals preparation processes at the Gremyachin Mining and Processing Plant