SU-RV PCh explosion-proof mine control station with frequency converter

SU-RV PCh explosion-proof mine control station with frequency converter

Station protections:

  • Overcurrent and short-circuit current protection for every branch line (setting according to the motor rated current)

  • Engine feeding interlock in case of branch line insulation drop below the threshold value (30kΩ or 100kΩ)

  • Drive motor overheating protection

  • Ground circuit fault or resistance rise protection (if the station and motor are installed at a moving unit)

Characteristic features:

The main special feature of the station is the frequency converter air cooling within the entire available power range, while water cooling is most commonly used at explosion-proof frequency converters nowadays, which is much costlier and invokes certain operating issues (the need to service pumps, to clean filters and water pipelines, to monitor and control cooling circuit pressure; leakage risk) that are not applicable to air cooling. The air cooling system is maintenance-free within the entire service life.

Scope of application and main advantages:

  • Belt conveyor drives

  • Drug link conveyor drives

Main performance specifications








560 ~760 V

970 ~ 1310 V


47-63 Hz

47-63 Hz

Rated power

55 — 500 kW

110 — 630 kW

Rated output current

63 — 540 А

73 — 400 А




Duty mode





Control mode

Vector control (VC), vector control with no speed sensor (SVC), U/f mode

U/f mode

Linear, multipoint type, voltage-frequency curve

Control source

Panel, binary inputs/outputs, network

Rate setting source

Digital signal, analogue signal, repetitive frequency signal, network signal, PLC signal, PID controller signal, etc.

All modes can be combined or switched over

Power balance

Master/slave communication

Overload resistance

150% of rated current: 60 s

180% of rated current: 10 s

Speed range

1:100 (SVC), 1:1000(VC)

Speed monitoring accuracy

±0.5% of max. speed (SVC),

±0.1% of max. speed (VC)

Digital setting: 0.01 Hz

Frequency resolution

Analogue setting: 0.1%*
Max. frequency

Control properties

Acceleration/ deceleration mode

Linear or S-curve, 4 acceleration/deceleration time groups

Jogging mode

Jogging frequency: 0.0Hz to max. output frequency

Jogging acceleration/deceleration time: 0-3600.0 s

Integral process PID controller function

Available closed-loop control system

Automatic intermediate loop voltage controller

To maintain steady intermediate loop voltage with mains voltage fluctuations

Torque setting source

Control panel, input analogue signal, network

Protection functions

Over 30 functions to protect against, for example, overcurrent, overvoltage, power voltage fault, overheating, phase fault, short-circuit, overload, etc.

Control interface

Colour with error and alarm recording, monochromic, remote control


Communication protocol


Ex rating

РВ Ex d[ia] I — SU-RV PCh
RN2 [Ex ib Mb]I — SU-RN PCh

Enclosure protection rating

IP 54

Ambient conditions


-10о ~ +50оС

Altitude above sea level

Max. 1000 m with no prejudice to performance


5%~95% non-condensing

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