Test lab

The test lab at the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation offers electrophysical measurements and tests for electrical equipment.

The test lab is accredited to deal with:

Max. 10kV power cable lines

Max. 5MW AC motors

Power transformers, autotransformers, oil-immersed reactors

Modular switchgear

Collecting and connecting bus bars

Inputs and lead-in insulators

Disconnectors, isolators, short circuit connectors

Oil immersed / electromagnetic circuit breakers

Max. 1000V equipment, power and lighting lines, secondary AC / DC circuits

Grounding arrangements

Electrical equipment flameproof enclosures and their parts

Low-voltage modular switchgear and control devices

CU TR 004/2011:8536, 3926, 8544 Low-voltage modular switching and control gear