Frequency converter station

Frequency converter station circuitry provides:

  • Conversion of 660V/50Hz mains power into 0-690V/0-600Hz at downstream electric motor

  • Control by binary and analogue signals

  • Communication by Profibus, DRIVE-CLiQ

  • Performance parameters indication at the operator’s panel

  • Prevention of branch line self-engagement at brief (max. 0.1s) mains voltage rise up to 150% of rated value

  • Output circuit leakage current protection

  • Contactor interlock upon overcurrent or overheating or insulation fault trip

  • Indication of power circuit overload, short circuit, or earth fault

  • Electric motor temperature monitoring

Environment conditions:

  • Underground excavations at mines, including salt mines, with fresh air inflow ventilation by general mine depression where standard mining electrical equipment may be used

  • Industrial atmosphere type II

  • Atmospheric pressure: (84.0-106.7) kPa

  • Dust concentration in air: max. 500 mg/m3

  • Altitude: 1000m below sea level to 1000m above sea level

  • Climatic version: U5 (temperate); minimum ambient temperature: +10°C; maximum RH: (98±2)% at (25±2)°С

Main performance specifications



Rated feed voltage, V


Feed voltage rated frequency, Hz


Control circuit rated voltage, V



20% ethylene glycol solution

Estimated power, kW, max.


Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg, max.


Protection rating


Other properties:

  • Mains voltage fluctuations: +10%/-15% of rated value

  • Version: standard mining equipment, RN2

  • Environmental mechanical impact group: M6

  • Working position: vertical, inclination max. 15° in any direction

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