PU-RV explosion-proof control panel for mining equipment

PU-RV explosion-proof control panel for mining equipment

Environment conditions:

  • Underground excavations at mines, shafts and their surface buildings with hazardous gaseous and/or dusty ambient

  • Category I explosive mixture (methane at underground works) ambient or corrosive salty dust ambient

  • Climatic version: UKhL (temperate and cold); location category: 5

  • Ambient temperature: minus 5C to +35°C

  • Relative humidity: max. (98±2)% at (25±2)°C

  • Atmospheric pressure: (99.75±13.3) kPa

  • Dust concentration in air: max. 1500 mg/m3

  • Installation site vibration: max. 25Hz, acceleration at max. 1g

  • Mechanical impact exposure group: M6

  • Severe shock or impact: not allowed

  • Working position: not limited

The control panel provides:

  • Control of two machines (items) with individual START and STOP buttons

  • Light indication of machine (item) duty mode and status

  • Generation of START, STOP, EMERGENCY STOP commands by means of control buttons

Main performance specifications



Input voltage, Ui, V, max.


Input current, li, mA, max.


Internal capacitance, Ci, μF, max.


Internal inductance, Li, mHn, max.


Rating of intrinsically safe circuits connected to the panel


Enclosure protection rating


Ex rating

РВ Ex ib I Мb

Dimensions, mm, max.


Weight, kg, max.


Certificate of conformity to CU TR 012/2011 No.ЕАЭС BY/112 02.01. 103 00425 valid till 26.01.2025

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