MUK-03 control and monitoring module

Performance specifications

  • Rated feed voltage: 42V / 50Hz (MUK, MUK-01, MUK-04), 36V / 50Hz (MUK-02), 24V (MUK-03), 42V / 50Hz and 24V (MUK-05)

  • Terminal load: max. 60V / 2A

  • Current consumption: max. 6VA

  • Triggering resistance: max. 66-90 Ω

  • Rated release resistance: 100Ω

  • Ex rating: [Ех iа Gа] IIС/[Ех iа Ма] I (MUK-01, MUK-05), [Ех ib Mb] I (MUK, MUK-02, MUK-03, MUK-04)

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