Victory again!

Victory again!

Best Products of Belarus is a contest held annually since 2002, initiated by Gosstandart, regional executive committees, and Minsk City Executive Committee.

The IGEA had already won the title in 2019 in the Industrial Products category, and resumed competition in 2020.

The contest is intended to:

  • make the customers aware of the products and services of high quality for the benefit of their producers, promote the products both inside the country and abroad;

  • support the Belarusian manufacturers of competitive products;

  • support supplies of high-quality competitive Belarusian products to the Belarusian consumer market;

  • contribute to ample introduction of the modern control and quality assurance techniques on the basis of the national and international standards and latest achievements in the field of quality;

  • identify brand new or majorly upgraded products in comparison with the existing one.

In accordance with subsection 5.5 of the Regulations on the State Committee on Standardization of the Republic of Belarus approved by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of July 31, 2006 No.981, and taking into account the resolutions of the Best Products of Belarus contest jury meeting minutes of 29.12.2020, the State Committee for Standardization announced the contest winners, and the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC among them in the Industrial Products category for:

Frequency converters,

IGEA S series switchgear.