Stable supply of reliable equipment

Stable supply of reliable equipment

Last month the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation made a number of massive supplies to the major mining companies of Belarus and Russia.

Thus, for Uralkali in the late August 2014 we dispatched a set of microprocessor-assisted shaft signal system (MASS) and a loudspeaker communication and alarm system, which will be used at the cage hoist at Mining Division No.1.

Those are IGEA bestsellers, for many a major Russian miner has already purchased the MASS system.

Further, in September we sent two MASS sets to Vorkutaugol JSC, to be installed in hoist shafts at the Vorgashor and Komsomolskaya mines.

Loudspeaker communication and warning system was yet another item delivered to Vorkutaugol in September, for the Komsomolskaya mine namely.

Last month we supplied Belaruskali with two control stations: SU-RN/9/R/T to control selective face stowage complexes and sprinkler system, featuring a separate 40kVA 1140/660V transformer, and SU-RN/7/A/R/O to control the double-cutter selective shearer, the face machine, and the cooling plant, featuring a lighting transformer.