PASSAT holding participates in construction of Petrikov MPP. Construction starting ceremony on August 27

PASSAT, LLC shall be an active actor of the massive construction project, being a Belaruskali subcontractor for site leveling and process water reservoir construction.

The first stage of the mining and processing plant is scheduled to be launched in December 2019 to reach the rated capacity in December 2021. The Petrikov MPP output shall be at least 1.5 mln ton of potassium chloride annually, and up to 3 mln ton later on. One mining division is planned, but several are potential.

The estimated useful life of the Petrikov MPP, according to the available mineral reserves, rated capacity, and optimum exploitation of every commercial level, is about 90 years.

The Petrikov potash field was discovered in 1966. 8 levels of uncommonly pure potash have been identified so far. The estimated reserve is approximately 2.2 bn ton. The depth of formation is 1.2 km which is much deeper than, for instance, at the Starobin field.