PASSAT – first industrial holding in the region

PASSAT – first industrial holding in the region

To provide a unified development strategy, optimise business processes, and use the available resources in a more efficient way, PASSAT group of companies was officially transformed in a holding.

The reorganisation decision was made on a productive stage of life. Our companies have accomplished a number of most complex turnkey construction and upgrade projects: construction of two gas-turbine plants, reconstruction of the main fans at Mining Divisions Nos. 1 & 3, upgrading of the sylvinite processing plants at Belaruskali Mining Divisions Nos. 1 to 4 (underway project).

PASSAT holding companies can produce sophisticated industrial and electrical equipment, polymer pipes and other stuff. Our engineers are able to do the whole range of works, develop innovative solutions for the miners to significantly improve their energy saving and occupational safety, to reduce product costs, and expand the output. Our products are successfully used both in Belarus (Belaruskali, Naftan) and Russia.

During the score-year history of PASSAT a whole bunch of companies for various applications has been launched. The holding unites PASSAT, LLC; Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC; Passat Scientific and Production Union, LLC; Mashkhimprom, LLC.

The list of PASSAT’s achievements includes the status of SIEMENS Solution Partner, which means being a SIEMENS partner and access to the international market. The holding is a permanent exhibitor at industrial trade fairs like Water & Heat, Energetics. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro (Belarus), Ugol & Mining (Russia).

People is the main asset of PASSAT holding. Currently there are over two thousand employees here, highly qualified professionals, many of whom has been working for the company since the very first day. Together we work to develop our company, to solve challenging issues of major industrial investment projects in Belarus and abroad.