New production shop opens at IGEA

New production shop opens at IGEA

The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation designs and manufactures electricals and automation hardware for mines and processing plants, conducts R&D and designing for mining facilities. The IGEA harmonically combines scientific base, designing, and production. Our team has great experience of implementing novelties in the current industrial process. The Institute never ceases to expand its production facilities.

Thus, in 2014 the Institute completed design and construction works for a new production area of 2000 square metres to accommodate the high-voltage equipment production, storage rooms for materials and components and ready products, personnel amenity rooms.

The HV equipment production site is oriented on manufacturing switchgear intended to receive and distribute electric power at transformer and distribution substations, and to perform switchover tasks at industrial facilities.

There are several switchgear series, namely:

  • IGEA S for up to 24kV / 2500 A. These feature vacuum arc chutes within sealed welded stainless steel reservoirs pressurised with SF6 gas to provide double insulation for live parts.

  • IGEA T for up to 10kV / 3150 A. These are designed according to the current reliability, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness regulations.

  • The new production area is equipped with everything needed to organise an assembly shop, fitted with tools by major brands. Advanced materials, components, and techniques are used to reduce time consumed by HV equipment manufacture while ensuring sound reliability and extended service life of the switchgear.

Introduction of the new HV equipment production area shortens order execution time, reduces cost and delivery time for the customer, adds new jobs, and attracts active creative young people into the IGEA team.