New developments by IGEA

New developments by IGEA

Designing and producing mining equipment is a complex process. The challenging or even explosive environment of mines and chemical premises require high reliability of the products.

That is why we are particularly concerned about the quality of design and manufacture, for reliable and fault-free operation of equipment is critical to not only output, but, sometimes, lives and health of those working in the mine. All our products are certified by testing laboratories and authorised authorities for conformity to the applicable Customs Union regulations.

The following products shall be mentioned in particular:

  • Package control stations for working face electrical equipment which controls mining machinery (excavation machines, conveyors, other electrical equipment). The stations consist of the components designed and produced at our own premises, and proved themselves reliable and user-friendly in the environment of underground mines of Belaruskali.

  • Variable drive control stations. Over 100 stations have been made heretofore, and most of them are installed at trunk conveyor drives at Belaruskali. It is the most critical unit of the ore excavation and transportation chain, and its performance is the key to mine capacity. And it is the most power-consuming unit, at the same time. Therefore, our highly reliable control stations minimise outage time while extending the equipment service life. A variable drive provides at least 30% power saving which has a not minor effect on the final product cost.

  • Hoist equipment and accessories for safer lifting people up and down the shaft. A variable-frequency drive with a power recovery function provides great energy saving, reduces brake wear and mechanical loads. A modern control system at the same time makes hoist operator’s job easier, which has a positive effect on the safety of lifting people or loads up and down. The microprocessor-assisted shaft signal system (MASS) is a hoisting system worth particular attention, for most of the hoisting shafts at Belaruskali have it nowadays as well as over 30 sites everywhere in Russia, from the Kola Peninsula and Vorkuta to the Zabaikalsky Krai.

In the upcoming years the company shall continue being oriented on development and upgrading of VFD based products. We will proceed with designing and manufacturing equipment to upgrade shaft hoisting drives, including skip container hoists and main fan drives. Particular focus shall be given to turnkey projects. Our goal is to perform the whole range of work, from design and manufacture to installation and commissioning.

Wireless control and data transmission systems shall be the points of particular attention while designing new products. Developing of variable-frequency drives based on the new frequency converter types is underway. The range of power rating will be extended.

We are going to update the control station electronics and to introduce new flame-proof versions.

The shaft signal systems microprocessor hardware shall be completed with new devices to expand the hoisting equipment control and shaft reinforcement monitoring capabilities so as to make shaft inspection and examination safer.

All the above will improve the marketability of our products.