IGEA upgrades hoists used at Beryozovsky mine and Krasnoslobodsky mine

IGEA upgrades hoists used at Beryozovsky mine and Krasnoslobodsky mine

The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation upgraded the mobile sinking hoisting plants for Trest Shahtospecstroy JSC.

Made in the 80s, those were used to explore various mines. In particular, Trest Shahtospecstroy used them for shaft sinking at the Krasnoslobodsky mine and Beryozovsky mine. Therefore, the electricals thereof had become worn out and outdated.

All machinery, save for the drums, gearboxes, and brake systems, was deinstalled. The mechanical parts were subjected to NDT in order to reveal those to be replaced as defected. The engineers adjusted the brakes.

Manufacturing and installation of a new microprocessor-controlled variable drive made the most of the work scope. With the components by IGEA’s engineering partner, Siemens, our engineers designed and produced hoist main and auxiliary equipment control cabinets and automated operator’s workstations, provided performance control sensors, invented data recording and saving hardware, executed linkage to the power system and shaft alarm system, developed fresh hoist control software.

The modern technical solutions applied to the upgrade shall provide substantive saving for the customer:

Power consumption by the hoists during shaft sinking can be reduced by up to 60%

The new control system with a hoist operator’s visual display system significantly improves shaft sinking safety.

The last step of hoist upgrading is customer’s personnel training.

All the mobile sinking hoist machinery is packed in box vans to be soon delivered to the Petrikov MPP where Trest Shahtospecstroy is going to sink shafts.