IGEA to celebrate 10th anniversary

IGEA to celebrate 10th anniversary

IGEA to celebrate 10th anniversary

The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation was founded on July 6, 2006. Originally it was a team of 14 – the entire automation department of Belgorkhimprom JSC quitted for a new company. Vladimir Chkareuli was the first Director.

A mining equipment manufacturing facility of PASSAT, LLC joined the Institute two years later. Thus we have got our own production premises.

The first years we spent working out the product portfolio and composing the staff. Many of those who joined the then new company still work here today. From the very beginning the IGEA was brave and ambitious. Our engineers dared to try the largest, most complex, energy consuming tasks of mining: elevating and conveyance. Being aware of never-ceasing demand for reducing production costs, and electricity being the largest source of expenditure for the main customer, Belaruskali, the IGEA designed and offered the production upgrade equipment and solutions intended to reduce power consumption in no minor extent.

The first thing the Institute made, was a variable frequency electric drive (VFD) for shaft conveyors. It was the design which started a new branch of shaft conveyor drives. Nearly 209 VFDs are installed at customer’s shaft conveyors currently which saves up to 40% of power consumption. The next task was to offer a cage hoist VFD, first ever in the CIS. It was installed at TSR No.3 of Belaruskali Mining Division No.3 and reduced power consumption by up to 58%. In 2011 the IGEA set to the task of upgrading a main fan (Mining Division No.3 in 2011, Mining Division No.1 in 2013), again pioneering in the CIS. The upgraded customer’s main fans consume as little power as half of the previous consumption (reduction by up to 57%).

The borders of Belarus did not limit the market for IGEA products and services. We sold shaft signal systems microprocessor hardware to many mining companies in Russia: Uralkali JSC, Vorkutaugol JSC, Novoshirokinsky Mine JSC, Stoilensky MPP JSC, Apatit JSC. The Institute was engaged for the Gremyachin potash field, MCC EuroChem JSC, Vorgashor Mine JSC, Raspadskaya mine.

Having gained reputable and professional goodwill for the first five years, the IGEA continued even more intensive development. The manufacturing facilities almost duplicated. New high-voltage machinery shop, a warehouse and other facilities were added. The team expanded accordingly. The IGEA has an office in Minsk where the electric drive department and PassatProekt branch seat. IGEA Engineering company was founded in the Perm Region of Russia.

Our dealers are Prominvest LLC (Russia) and Keytrade (Belarus).

Our projects accomplished hitherto:

Main fan plant drive upgrade at Belaruskali

Cage and skip container hoist drive upgrade at Belaruskali

Trunk shaft conveyor variable drive upgrade and automation at Belaruskali

Mobile sinking machine upgrade at Trest Shahtospecstroy JSC

Today the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation is a major branch of PASSAT holding. Our main asset is our staff. We value our personnel for their expertise, will to advance, great creative potential. These are the properties that matter when it comes to development or engineering, the basics of our company.

And people are the main focus of anniversary celebrations. On July 8 the best ones shall be able to put their job off for a few hours and relax at a dedicated anniversary function to be held at the Soligorsk Children’s Art School. Those who have been working for the IGEA since the very beginning, who contributed much to its current prosperity, shall get letters of commendations and valuable gifts. And everyone shall enjoy the entertainment performance by Irina Dorofeeva, Tyani-Tolkay band, Palladium Electric Band, Stress drum show.