IGEA’s contribution to Garlyk MPP

IGEA’s contribution to Garlyk MPP

The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation supplied the equipment of its own make to the Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant being under construction in Turkmenistan.

As agreed, we have delivered 4 sets of microprocessor-assisted shaft signal system (MASS) which is intended to coordinate the operations of the processing equipment and to control the hoist while lifting people, cargo, or oversize cargo up and down, or while inspecting or servicing the shaft or the head frame. The MASS systems are intended for passenger, cargo, and skip container hoists at the mines.

Two controller boards and a terminal box had been delivered to the mining and processing plant in Turkmenistan previously, in November 2013.

The orders have been executed in uncommonly short term: maximum two weeks passed from the order to delivery, including equipment assembly to the customer’s specifications, issuing respective documents, dispatching and delivering the goods to the customer’s site. Further our engineers adjusted the supplied equipment directly onsite.

The Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant is being constructed by Belarusian companies under a billion-dollar turnkey contract signed 4 years ago. The prospective plant shall be dedicated to potash. The main body of work was launched in 2012, and the first batch of ore is expected in 2016.