IGEA – partner of DFME

IGEA – partner of DFME

IGEA – partner of DFME

Since March 1, 2018 the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation has been an authorised partner and distributor of Dolnośląska Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych, Wrocław, Poland.

DFME designs and manufactures medium- and high-power electrical machines. Focusing on the selected market segment, DFME is dedicated to manufacturing and servicing medium- and high-power generators and motors.

Generators and motors by DFME are among the world’s best in its realm, which is proven by the constantly growing demand for DFME products and services, and international clientele – industry leaders, and recognized brand.

DFME products and services:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous generators of medium and high power

  • Inductance and synchronous motors of high power

  • DC motors of high power

  • Lifting magnets, separating magnets, magnetic separators