IGEA joins national voluntary Saturday workday

IGEA joins national voluntary Saturday workday

Spring is not only the time for wildlife to wake up, but for people to clean and tidy up.

Our team willingly joined the regional and national Saturday works.

They did a great job on cleaning the territory, collecting rubbish and various domestic scrap, raking up leaves and branches at the roadsides, repairing pedestrian footpaths, litter bins, garbage cans and various metal units. They mowed round wild dry weed along road slopes, felled wild bushes for sanitary purposes, cut and whitewashed trees and curbstones, cleaned and restored lawns, repaired and painted fences.

Moreover, improvement of assigned monuments and burial grounds of those perished during the Second World War was performed.

Our team further joined the national voluntary initiative Forest Week 2019 dedicated to the Year of Small Motherland and 75th anniversary of Belarus liberation from the Nazi invaders. On the territory of Starobin Forestry out staff planted 140 common pine nurslings.