IGEA design department makes PassatProekt branch

IGEA design department makes PassatProekt branch

On November 1, 2014 PassatProekt branch was founded on the basis of IGEA design department.

The branch is intended to conduct structural designing as an independent activity of PASSAT holding and to participate in joint projects with holding branches and third parties where design documents shall be issued.

The branch consists of six departments:

  • Electrical engineering department

  • HVAC, water supply and waste department

  • Architectural, construction, and planning department

  • Automation, communication, alarm systems department

  • Department of technology and customized equipment

  • Cost estimate and master plan department

The main task is to design industrial premises, therefore, the branch personnel is authorised to design:

  • Gas distribution and consumption systems

  • Boiler houses with steam and hot water boilers on any fuel

  • Hazardous industrial facilities where mining works are conducted

  • Hazardous industrial facilities where mineral resources are processed

  • Hazardous chemical industrial facilities

The branch has received category III certificate of conformity under Decree No.26 of 14.01.2014 of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the following activities:

  • General designer’s

  • Execution of design project sections as a subcontractor for construction sites of complexity class I to IV

  • Development of pre-design (pre-investment) documents

The branch team includes both expert designers with numerous complex projects in portfolio and young employees.

The branch management provides continuity of design knowledge and professional training of young employees.

With PassatProekt branch we are now able to conduct the full range of works from construction designing to manufacturing and commissioning of equipment.