IGEA commissions turnkey facility at Mining Division No.4

IGEA commissions turnkey facility at Mining Division No.4

The Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation with due quality and in due term upgraded trunk conveyor electric drives and load flow control systems at Belaruskali Mining Division No.4. The work was performed online from January 2014 to January 2015.

The main task was to upgrade the high-consumption trunk conveyor non-variable electric drive to the variable one, which would reduce ore transportation power consumption by 37%.

The IGEA performed the whole scope of turnkey works including installation and startup of equipment (asynchronous electric motors, frequency converters, converter coolers, cabling).

Our company applies innovative approaches to improve the quality of own products. The IGEA equipment is installed and adjusted at Mining Division No.5 trunk conveyors. We developed software to coordinate co-working of two or more converters for conveyor driving drums.

The conveyor upgrade includes a new modern frequency converter based on Sinamics S 120.

The IGEA is responsible for the whole scope of work, from manufacturing to commissioning. The customer, thus, shall have to deal with a single party, only, which provides reliable work of the new equipment with confirmed economic effect from its use.