IGEA attends exhibitions in Sidney and Katowice

IGEA attended AIMEX 2015 (Australia) and KATOWICE (Poland).

Engaged in designing and manufacturing of mining equipment and electricals, our engineers always closely trace the market to be aware of most recent events in the mining industry.

AIMEX 2015 is an Asian-Pacific mining exhibition held on September 1-4, 2015 in Sidney.

Main topics:

  • Mining machinery and engineering

  • Energy – power generation and transmission machines and facilities

  • Electricals and electronics

  • Minerals and ores (production and processing)

  • Cargo transportation and handling

  • Conveyors

  • Environment, health, and safety protection equipment and systems, etc.

KATOWICE is a major industry specific exhibition in the East Europe, which brings together over 17000 representatives of about 500 companies from 20 countries. And our missionaries particularly focused on:

  • Mining

  • Pneumatics, hydraulics, drives

  • Automatics and electronics

  • Full-scope mining facilities

  • Energy

  • Power generation and transmission machines and facilities

  • Power distribution facilities and transmission lines

  • Automatics

  • Full-scope power facilities