Engine of Progress award winner

Engine of Progress award winner

Dmitry Bedny, Chief Designer at the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, has won Engine of Progress award by ASCON group of companies.

ASCON group of companies, a major Russian developer and integrator of designing and engineering data management automation solutions, established Engine of Progress award for exceptional contribution to improvement and development of ASCON software products.

Engine of Progress is a professional award intended to show corporate and public recognition of the merits of the people employed by the companies and educational institutions which use licensed software by ASCON.

The main award nominee selection criteria are meaningful and constructive proposals on software improvement and development, constructive communication with ASCON developers, participation in beta-testing of ASCON software, active and useful participation in ASCON software user’s forum.

The expert jury consisting of developers and support service specialists named the first winners:

  • Roman Antonov, Deputy Head of Experimental Design Bureau at NPO Molniya JSC (Moscow)

  • Dmitry Bedny, Chief Designer at Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC (Soligorsk, Belarus)

  • Oleg Bogdanenko, Engineer Designer at Design Bureau for Special Machine-Building JSC (St. Petersburg)

  • Dilara Valitova, Lead Software Engineer at OZNA JSC (Oktyabrskiy, Bashkortostan)

  • Alexey Grekov, Lead Design Engineer at Pumori-SIZ Ural Machine-Building Corporation, Pumori-Tool LLC (Yekaterinburg)

  • Alexander Demin, Head of Marketing Department at Samara-Aviagaz, LLC (Samara)

  • Yuri Yershov, R&D Director – Chief Designer at The Electrostal Heavy Engineering Works JSC (Electrostal, Moscow Region)

  • Yuri Zhukov, Head of CAD Bureau at Tolyattikauchuk, LLC (Tolyatti)

  • Pavel Ivanchenko, Chief Engineer at Special Design Bureau, Fiolent Plant JSC (Simferopol, Ukraine)

  • Sergey Kalianov, Deputy Chief Designer at SEPO-ZEM, LLC (Saratov)

  • Maksym Kidruk, independent developer, book writer on КОМПАС-3D (Rovno, Ukraine)

  • Svetlana Kuznetsova, Lead Engineer at CAD Department, NPO Iskra JSC (Perm)

  • Sergey Kurmin, Lead Specialist at A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC (Moscow)

  • Konstantin Moskalyuk, Software Engineer at Chepetsky Mechanical Plant JSC (Glazov, Udmurtia)

  • Andrey Murator, Head of Laboratory at Machine-Building Design Bureau (Kolomna, Moscow Region)

  • Vladimir Obrubov, Lead Designer at Melinvest JSC (Nizhniy Novgorod)

  • Igor Ponomarenko, Senior Lecturer in Theoretical and Applicable Mechanics at Azov-Black Sea State Agro-Engineering Academy (Zernograd, Rostov Region)

  • Andrey Savchenko, Head of Design Bureau at Izhstal JSC (Izhevsk)

  • Gennady Sviridov, Head of IT Department at Savelovsky Machine-Building Plant JSC (Kimry, Tver Region)

  • Sergey Tikhonov, Designer Engineer at FSUE SRPSC TsSKB-Progress (Samara)

Vladimir Zakharov, Development Director at ASCON: “The Engines of Progress are among our most valuable assistants, nearly co-authors of new ASCON software versions. Those combining unique knowledge with the will and ability to formulate product development proposals and to implement them in their applications are very rare, which is proved by our great experience of software development. I am lucky to be personally acquainted with some of the winners, and happy to know that individuals of such merits shall never cease to exist.”

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