Digital Electronics Developers Forum

Digital Electronics Developers Forum

Digital Electronics Developers Forum

On November 26, 2009 the IGEA team took part in DEDF’09, Digital Electronics Developers Forum in Minsk.

The DEDF is a cycle of annual practical conferences dedicated to the actual issues of technological solutions application to digital electronics designing tasks.

The conference is intended to unite leading domestic developers of digital electronics, to provide a unique and comfortable venue to share experience, communicate, and search new approaches to solving engineering tasks.

DEDF’09: The practice of Analog Devices DSP processors application to designing digital electronics.

Topics at the forum:

  • Recent developments and customised application of Analog Devices products [Johannes Horvath, Field Application Engineer for East Europe at Analog Devices; Evgeny Vyshinsky. General Manager at Analog Devices sales representative in Russia, CIS, Baltic states]

  • Engineer’s work specifics at companies with various organisational layouts [Roman Pakholkov, CEO, Promwad]

  • Display of products based on Analog Devices components

  • Practical application of Blackfin processors and uCLinux software platform [I. Kuten, Promwad]

  • Blackfin processor based network audio player [K. Zut, Promwad]

  • Code profiling and optimizing in uCLinux for Blackfin processors [I. Lektorov, Promwad]

  • Examples of Blackfin processor based outdoor surveillance photorecorders [V. Novak, Peleng, Minsk]

  • Designing a JPEG2000 video recorder with ADV212 codec [V. Davydov, Promwad]

  • Projects with open process documents [P. Kosenkov, ITMO University]

  • Eclipse environment application to development and adjustment of applications for uClinux and Blackfin architecture [S. Zenkevich, Promwad]

  • Laser 3D scanning system [D. Mikhayevich, Riftek, Minsk]

  • Audio codec application to data compression and low-rate transmission [S. Kovalyov, Promwad]

  • Application of Analog Devices floating point signal processors to acoustic noise analyzing meters [I. Stetsko, BSU, Minsk]

  • Digital architecture of command, data, voice power line transmission hardware [I. Zabenkov, BSUIR Scientific and Research Laboratories, Minsk]

  • DSQ application to repeat periodic signal [D. Romashko, BSU, Minsk]

  • Digital signal processing in vibration monitoring systems [P. Brantsevich, BSUIR, Minsk]

  • Summarising the 1st Digital Electronics Developers Forum, interpersonal communication

  • Round-table conference on partnership in the electronics industry [for CEOs and CTOs]