Another delivery of IGEA S switchgears accepted by customer

Another delivery of IGEA S switchgears accepted by customer

On May 24, 2019 Belaruskali accepted another batch of IGEA S switchgear cells at the IGEA mining equipment production premises.

The switchgears are intended for the enclosed 10kV distribution plant with a transformer substation for the Petrikov Mining and Processing Plant surface facilities.

Earlier this year the Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation delivered IGEA S switchgear cells for the potassium nitrate plant 10kV distribution substation at Belaruskali Mining Division No.4 site, and for 4 distribution plants at the cooling facility 6kV substation.

IGEA engineers supervised installation of 25 cells and two RITZ SIS solid-insulated conductors at the potassium nitrate plant.

The total number of IGEA S switchgears delivered to Belaruskali is 632, and those have proven themselves good. The Chief Power Engineer at Belaruskali Mining Division No.4 says:

“One of numerous advantages of IGEA S device is a sealed SF6 container which makes it resistant to aggressive environment and impenetrable to foreign matters (dust, debris, small animals). Enclosed airtight enclosure of the switchgear provides personnel safety. Furthermore, such design allows installing and replacing equipment with no SF6 gas handling. And not only the products are supreme, but the IGEA team, too: each request or issue related to the performed work was addressed and explained promptly and in details, a full set of documents was delivered upon completion, the performance was timely, delivery and commissioning as scheduled. The IGEA S series SF6 insulated switchgear has proven itself a reliable and easy-to-maintain device. We are completely happy with its performance and the technical and information support provided by the IGEA.”